About Me

I am David Falknor. I am a 9-year US Navy veteran, a husband and father. 

I trained at Southeastern Institute in Nashville, TN, graduating from their 750-hour Massage Therapist program in April 2011. I began practicing in Nashville where I built a successful practice before returning to Houston, TX. I was a stay-at-home dad to our daughter while obtaining my teaching certificate and began instructing at a local massage school before returning to what I love. Massage Therapy.

I am a current member of the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show Sports Medicine Team where we work on the competitors.

I also do post-event work helping athletes. Recent events: Oilman Triathlon, San Antonio Rock-n-Roll Marathon

If you want fluff and buff, may I suggest you visit one of the spas.

But if you want to improve your performance or need assistance in recovering from an injury, schedule an appointment and let's discuss a massage program that could help you out.